Sports Without Injuries

Have you ever dreamed of becoming a professional athlete – say a footballer or a basketball star but is afraid of getting sports injuries? So you’d rather stay on a couch or bleachers and watch from the other side of the game. Well, don’t worry, you are not along. If you have seen some of the freakiest sports accidents on TV or on YouTube then I can’t blame you. Seeing those possibilities alone is a factor to consider before riding the boat of sports.

Think about this though, what if there will be a chance to play sports without thinking of the pain and effects of sports injuries – will you take it? I’d say -“hell yes”! I can actually imagine myself scoring a shoot, the fans and crowd screaming my name in amazement and all the perks of being a professional player. It’s like being a rock star of the court or the field.

Do you know that it’s already been possible since the late or mid 1990s? Well, not exactly but you can already play sports without having to experience sports injuries. Okay, don’t get those brows all wrinkled up now. I’m talking about video games. These games have been the answer to most people like us who doesn’t have the enough skills to play professionally or who wouldn’t want to take the option to play in field for recreation.

I know what you may be thinking. Playing video game sports isn’t really playing sports but is a form of make-believe. Yes, partly correct. But innovation and the advancement of technology is only trying to help other people who can’t or aren’t truly capable of playing sports. The possibility of sports injuries is just one of the reasons or factors. Make-believe may be but at least they are able to live even just a part of their dreams – and that is good enough.

Nobody can also tell; who knows with the rapid discovery of science and technology there may come a time when sports injuries can be totally eliminated while playing sports. While playing the actual game and being there personally is a fulfilling experience, some accidents can also take their toll on players – some having to retire from playing if not totally losing some of their physical capabilities. That I think is more painful that not having the chance to play at all.

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